Thin Pizza Dough

I have a couple of recipes for pizza dough and they are all different. This one is for a very very thin pizza. Semolina helps greatly here since it makes the dough very springy and easy to work with. Of course we all know it’s practically impossible to make the real thing without pizza oven at home but I’m quite happy with this recipe and I think it comes as close to a pizza as it can when working with only what you have available at home. There is also some fun factor for me, I just absolutely enjoy kneading this dough. It somehow makes you feel like a kid again. I remember finding a couple of pizza recipes on a forum but I can’t quite pin it now if this is a specific recipe or some combination I came up with after reading 2-3 recipes. I definitely remember though this recipe played a big part in creating mine. Continue reading

Beetroot Bread

I have experimented with this bread for a couple of days, adjusting the recipe and testing how it worked. I am quite happy with the end product. It’s quite fun but also delicious. Soft inside with a crunchy layer outside. This is not a fully new recipe. I used a recipe for my favourite bread from this page: Moje wypieki and tried to change it so that I could incorporate beetroot in it but still have that soft and crunchy effect plus beautiful airy texture inside. I hope you’ll have as much fun making it as I did. The colour will turn out beautiful dark crimson outside and sandy pink inside. I changed practically all amounts of ingredients from the original recipe but I tried to keep the technique of preparing it fairly similar. Here you can see photos of two breads I made. One is bigger and made from full amount of ingredients as stated below while other is smaller and made from half the amount of ingredients. Continue reading