Basic Crêpe

This is a very nice recipe which is so versatile. You can prepare them for breakfast and smear with jam or honey or serve with chopped fruit. Or you can prepare them for a savoury dinner with spinach, lentils or even chicken and beans. I don’t remember the origins of this recipe but I suspect it comes from an old Polish cook book ‘Kuchnia Polska’. Continue reading

Basic Scrambled Eggs

This is a very simple taste combination but perfect for a weekend, filling breakfast. The important thing while frying is not to do it on full blaze. If we take our time we will end up with beautifully soft scrambled eggs on our plate. Nice thing about this dish is that it is so versatile and easy to prepare. This version is with chives but you can as well prepare it with mushrooms or sausage, tomato and feat cheese. You can do it the spice way with fresh chopped chili peppers. Possibilities are endless but since spring is in full bloom this is the scrambled eggs version of the season! Continue reading

Baked Egg Rolls

Weekend breakfasts are something special for me. Different than all the weekday mornings when you have to rush and don’t have proper time to treat yourself to a nice start of the day. And I like to take my time while eating to enjoy it fully and not just stuff myself in a hurry to feel like a thanksgiving turkey would later on. On the other hand it is weekend and I don’t really want to slave over the oven from the word go. This is one of those breakfast meals that are extremely easy, fast and so delicious and filling at the same time. Original recipe found here. Continue reading

Baked Egg Florentine

I have invested a little bit in my culinary development by purchasing a couple of cookbooks recently. This is the first recipe I try out and it comes from Gordon Ramsay’s Fast Food – recipes from The f Word. The show itself was fun to watch but somehow I thought I can’t pick up any dishes from there that I could remake at home. This book proved me wrong. There are so many lovely recipes in it I just can’t wait to prepare more. From this one I expected the spinach to be a bit too overwhelming but it really wasn’t and the flavour composition with egg was really nice. It practically made my day. Just the perfect meal to start your day with, especially if it’s not a very great day and weather outside is terrible. Continue reading

The Dutch Breakfast of Champions, i.e. Hagelslag and Muisjes (Tost na słodko)

First of all I would like to explain a bit about culture corner section of this blog. Here you will be able to find some quirky facts about food in different countries. That doesn’t mean this section will be a just about recipes divided by country. I like experimenting and trying out different things, tasting things from different cultures but such recipes will remain in the general recipes section. This place is for things that totally surprise me and I feel I should write about them more as a fun fact rather than a regular recipe entry.

Having spend a couple of months in the Netherlands already I managed to discover a few interesting things about their cuisine and you can expect more entries in this topic soon but I will start with a very interesting breakfast menu.

Continue reading