This is so far best recipe I found for a home-made lahmacun. Due to the way lahmacun is baked, in special wood-fired ovens, it is quite difficult to achieve good results making it at home. This dough is fairly satisfactory, still soft inside but crunchy at the edges. Recipe found here. Continue reading



Very nice veggie meal which can either serve as a side or main. Very flavoursome and easy to prepare. Recipe comes from mom Safikar.  Continue reading

Ali Nazik

ali nazik 2

A little bit time consuming but truly tasty dish. You cook the meat similarly to how you would prepare it for Tantuni. Continue reading



Tantuni is a yummy Turkish type of a wrap, usually with tender beef slices. This is a sort of variation on tantuni – sandwich style. The secret here is in the way you prepare the meat and also what sort of meat you pick for this way of cooking. I served it with a simple onion salad with sumak and parsley. Continue reading

Sififit – Bulgur Köftesi

These are yummy lamb koftes. I got this recipe from my mother-in-law although I add less koftelik bulgur. The portions of meat and bulgur should be 1:1 and then koftes are much more crunchy. Continue reading

Lentil Soup

This is a very filling and healthy soup. Good any time of year and can be made both spicy and sweet. I can’t claim any proper source for this recipe as it’s a very common soup and everyone has their own method of preparing it. Sometimes I also add 2 cm grated fresh ginger root or 1 teaspoon powdered ginger. It goes very nice for the spicy version. Lentils fall apart perfectly while cooking so if you chop the onions and garlic very finely you don’t need to blend the soup, unless you want it silky smooth.  Continue reading

Ultimate melt in your mouth dumpling dough (here with pumpkin filling)

Dumplings are one of my favourite meals. My mom’s special recipe for the dough makes them ultimately yummy. Using cooked potatoes  is the secret on how to make the dumplings melt in your mouth. Once you know how to make the dough you can get creative and make any filling you like. For Christmas my mom always makes them with cabbage and mushrooms. In summer they are best with strawberries. For meat-lovers you can make them with beef or chicken. This time because of the time of the year I decided to make them with pumpkin but my all time favourite is of course cabbage and mushrooms :) The recipe for the pumpkin filling comes from kwestia smaku whereas the dough is the recipe my mom learned from her mom. Continue reading