This is so far best recipe I found for a home-made lahmacun. Due to the way lahmacun is baked, in special wood-fired ovens, it is quite difficult to achieve good results making it at home. This dough is fairly satisfactory, still soft inside but crunchy at the edges. Recipe found here. Continue reading

Ali Nazik

ali nazik 2

A little bit time consuming but truly tasty dish. You cook the meat similarly to how you would prepare it for Tantuni. Continue reading



Tantuni is a yummy Turkish type of a wrap, usually with tender beef slices. This is a sort of variation on tantuni – sandwich style. The secret here is in the way you prepare the meat and also what sort of meat you pick for this way of cooking. I served it with a simple onion salad with sumak and parsley. Continue reading

Sififit – Bulgur Köftesi

These are yummy lamb koftes. I got this recipe from my mother-in-law although I add less koftelik bulgur. The portions of meat and bulgur should be 1:1 and then koftes are much more crunchy. Continue reading

Green Chicken Noodles (WOK style)

WOK is a great tool for cooking. You get a delicious dinner very fast, very hot and very yummy. It’s really a matter of imagination. Just by tossing a few of your favourite ingredients you can get a delicious meal in no time. My idea for this recipe was to go green and results were absolutely stunning. I did this twice in just one day, both for dinner and supper. Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did! Continue reading

Tinga de pollo

This recipe comes from chocorroldevainilla blog and I found it quite delicious. The tortillas in the photo are home made and also according to a recipe found on Luba’s blog :) You can serve it on its own or along with your favourite veggies. Here I decided to go with corn, salad and tomato. For the sauce I added more tomatoes than the original recipe required (6 medium tomatoes) and therefore I cooked it a bit longer to reduce the juices and make a thick sauce. In total it took me around 20 minutes to cook it down but in the end the cooking time will depend on the amount and size of your tomatoes. Thanks for the recipe Luba! Continue reading

Chicken Parmesan

I found this chicken very tasty and easy to make as well. There’s not a lot of work with this recipe, especially if you decide to use a ready marinara sauce. Of course home-made is always better but we don’t always have time to prepare it. Recipe found here. Continue reading