Tantuni is a yummy Turkish type of a wrap, usually with tender beef slices. This is a sort of variation on tantuni – sandwich style. The secret here is in the way you prepare the meat and also what sort of meat you pick for this way of cooking. I served it with a simple onion salad with sumak and parsley. Continue reading

Beef Burger

It doesn’t take a lot to come up with a burger that suits your taste. Mine has a lot of fresh herbs which I think lifts the taste substantially. In the end you can very easily combine your own burger. Basics will be minced meat and breadcrumbs. Even the egg is optional, I just add it to make my life easier when forming the burgers. You can make your burger extra spicy with chili and cayenne pepper. Possibilities are endless practically but have a go at my version, perhaps you will enjoy the combination of mint and beef. Continue reading

Polpettes and tomato sauce

This recipe is a compilation of what I have previously known about meatballs and what I’ve read on the Internet as well as getting some good advice from my mom. Having all that and a little bit of common sense I came up with this recipe. It turned out pretty nice and perhaps the only thing I would try to change next time would be the cooking process for meatballs. It’s possible to try and cook the meatballs in the sauce directly instead of frying first. I knew though it would change the consistency of my sauce since the meat would release all its juices into the sauce. I think it can give a nice effect as well if you want the sauce to have some meaty flavour. I preferred to leave the sauce purely veggie and fry the meatballs first. Continue reading


There is something about dumplings that makes me love them totally. And they do come in all shapes and sizes and flavours so you are bound to find a dumpling out there that you will love. Mine is a Polish dumpling with a soft dough made from potatoes and a cabbage and mushroom filling. That’s my ultimate dumpling but it’s not the one I’m making this time. I am attempting here to share a recipe for manti – possibly the smallest dumpling I have ever seen, although I’m sure no Turkish person would call it a dumpling, it’s just manti :) You can choose which shape you will do yourself, there are a couple of manti shapes, the smallest will be a square of 2 cm shaped into a triangle. I did a square of 4 cm and shaped it in a kind of bundle. I got this recipe from I love Turkish food, where it is also shown how to do a different manti shape. Since we are using raw meat here it is important to make the manti very small, that way the meat will cook. If you do bigger bundles it will require too much cooking time and eventually your manti can fall apart. Continue reading

İçli köfte

The first time I made this dish was over a year ago and the recipe I used was completely different than this one. It was just some random recipe I found online and I have to say the effects were worlds apart as well. Since then I’ve learned how to do it much better thanks to my fiancé’s mom who shared the real recipe with me. It is very tasty but it takes a lot of time to prepare it. To make the job easier I break up the preparation process into two days. It is possible to do all in one day though. Continue reading

Bolognese sauce


Cooking this was an amazing and educational experience for me as it turns out all my life I have been mistaken to think I can cook this up in no time. Time in fact proved to be the key to success here and by that I mean you better have ample time to do this. I’m sure there are lots of time saver recipes for bolognese out there but I decided to experience this dish in its classical form.

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