Ezme Salata

This dish made me reconsider the value of an onion. It’s a great companion to fish as well as red meat. Thanks to all the parsley you will not turn into an onion breathing dragon, what’s more mint makes it pretty light and refreshing. If you are confident with your knife skills you can chop all the ingredients of the salad very finely, almost into a mash. If you think it’s too much to bother just use a food processor. Make sure though not to end up with an onion smoothie. You really want to puls it all up to 8-10 times in total. There will be a fair amount of juice coming from the tomato and lemon, just enough though to flavour the salad an not turn it into a soup. Continue reading

Beetroot, Spinach and Mozzarella Salad

Sometimes the best dishes are the ones you just make up on a whim. I had two beetroots left in my fridge after the beetroot bread frenzy. If you add to that some lonely abandoned spinach and mozzarella you can actually make something from these three. Naturally I went for a salad. It’s a yummy refreshing salad with gorgeous juicy colours. You may think mozzarella is a bit bland and if you want you can kick in some goat cheese as well but here I think it works just so well because you have different textures of that cheese. You have crispy fried and spiced mozzarella as well as gooey soft pillow directly on your beetroot. The beetroots have a hint of sweet from honey while hazelnuts will give a bit of a kick having been sprinkled with cayenne pepper. Give it a go and find out for yourself. Continue reading

Pumpkin & Spinach Salad

After yesterday’s butter fest (Chicken Kiev) I had to balance things out and went for this beautiful salad. Just the right thing for a nice light dinner. Also I could utilize my lonely pumpkin, which was waiting for its destiny for a couple of days now on my window sill. I think it didn’t end too bad, after all spinach is a mighty companion. At least Popey wouldn’t complain if I served him this, then again I have no idea if he likes pumpkin. Here’s the original recipe: taste.com. I practically stuck to it all the way apart from adding nutmeg and skipping sesame seeds. Nutmeg is perfect both for spinach and pumpkin so if you don’t want it to be all sweet only you can add a pinch for a different flavour. With pine-nuts you can go two ways; roast them or not roast them. If you do roast them you will get more crunchy texture, if you don’t it will be creamy and nice as well so either way you can’t lose. I roasted them this time. Continue reading