Very nice veggie meal which can either serve as a side or main. Very flavoursome and easy to prepare. Recipe comes from mom Safikar.  Continue reading

Ultimate melt in your mouth dumpling dough (here with pumpkin filling)

Dumplings are one of my favourite meals. My mom’s special recipe for the dough makes them ultimately yummy. Using cooked potatoes  is the secret on how to make the dumplings melt in your mouth. Once you know how to make the dough you can get creative and make any filling you like. For Christmas my mom always makes them with cabbage and mushrooms. In summer they are best with strawberries. For meat-lovers you can make them with beef or chicken. This time because of the time of the year I decided to make them with pumpkin but my all time favourite is of course cabbage and mushrooms :) The recipe for the pumpkin filling comes from kwestia smaku whereas the dough is the recipe my mom learned from her mom. Continue reading

Mercimek Köftesi (Lentil Kofte)

This is very a tasty, easy to prepare and healthy meal for any occasion. You can serve it as an appetizer or even a full meal. I tried it for the first time around a week ago in a restaurant and immediately decided it will be on my menu as well. The recipe comes from almostturkish site and the only thing I had to change is adding a little bit more pepper and tomato paste.  Continue reading


My long lasting search for the perfect falafel is finally over. Budget Bytes provided me with the most suitable recipe. And yes I know it is just pan fried instead of deep-fried but that’s the best thing about it for me! I know deep-fry gives you some yummy yummy things but as much as I can I avoid it. The only thing I changed here is the amount of garlic. Since I served these with pita bread and garlic sauce I didn’t want them too garlicy. Otherwise I would face the danger of turning into a garlic breathing dragon for the evening. They smell crazy delicious when you fry them! Continue reading

İmam Bayıldı

I absolutely couldn’t miss out on this recipe considering how much I love eggplant. It looks like a very simple dish but you got all the right tastes going on. Sweet tomato with onion and soft, almost melting eggplant. You can’t go wrong with such combination. Perhaps you know this dish under direct translation: “the imam fainted”. The story goes that an imam fainted upon tasting this delicious dish. Either that or because of the costs of making it, i.e the amount of olive oil used for it. Whichever you choose to believe facts are this is a very yummy dish and if you follow this recipe (original found here) you don’t have to use up all your oil to make it. Continue reading

Bean Burger

I haven’t made this one for quite a while and certainly missed its taste. This burger is quite a cheater. You just may believe you are eating a real beef burger. The recipe is simple and preparation doesn’t take a lot of time. It’s a nice alternative to meat burgers and one of the first veggie burgers I ever tried. The original recipe calls for black beans but since I couldn’t find those easilly I used red beans instead and it tastes just great. Continue reading

Pumpkin Curry

I’m not the type of person who likes her food spicy and will add chili to everything and anything. My fiancé, however, is and he took a liking to Indian cuisine in particular. It’s not even I didn’t like Indian food but I never dealt with it a lot and on those rare occasions when I had a taste of it my experience was far from pleasant. Nevertheless, I was persistent and decided to adjust the spiciness a bit so it would be edible for me and at the same time it would preserve a bit of kick factor.

Continue reading