Ayran is a perfect drink for summer. Refreshing and delicious. Once you try it, it will accompany all your summer dinners. It’s a very simple drink made of water, yogurt and salt. Sounds simple though the devil is in the details :) Ratio for water and yogurt is usually 1:1, although if you want to get even more liquid consistency you can do 2:1. It’s great if you can use dry yogurt for this purpose since it will certainly influence the thickness of ayran. Natural yogurt that we normally buy is already quite liquid so I wouldn’t do 2:1 ration with such. You can try it though if you have dry yogurt. Since we drink ayran quite often I try to buy 1.5% fat yogurt. Continue reading

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Extra simple recipe for an extra lazy Friday. Ever wondered what to do with those leftover pumpkin seeds. You already made a pumpkin pie and soup and ravioli and muffins and curry and what-not-pumpkin so now you are left with a stack of pumpkin seeds. Easy. Spice them, roast them, eat them. You can use any spice you like, it’s so adjustable and a funny snack for a movie night. Continue reading

Tahini paste

Today I decided to make hummus and for that I needed tahini. My local store failed to have one though but I spotted sesame seeds instead and thought it can’t be too difficult to whizz up a tahini paste. And it wasn’t. It’s really so quick and simple and you can store it to use for anything you want in the future. Mine ended up immediately in hummus. As reference for my recipe I used this one. If you want you can also add salt to it but I decided not to since it will be using tahini as a component for other dishes and I can add salt directly then. Continue reading