Nutella Muffins

These are easy, fast to make and delicious. Ours disappeared in one day. They are crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Originally it’s a Donna Hay recipe but I found it on this blog: moje wypieki. This recipe makes 12 muffins. Continue reading

Coconut Cookie Army

I had quite a successful baking time this Christmas. I tried out two, new for me, types of cookies and loved both of them. This is the first one and it’s modified from Martha Stewart’s recipe. Preparing these cookies is just so easy and fast. They are very light and fluffy and yummy! Next recipe to come will be after New Year. But I will write then about the best gingerbread ever and anise cookies! So in the meantime enjoy these coconut cookies and hope you all have a delicious 2012! :) Continue reading

Marble Cake

As you might have noticed the blog came to a standstill. This is only temporary and was a result of some technical issues (i.e. laptop failure). Having said that another break is ahead of us as Christmas and New Year approach. Hopefully 2012 will start with loads of new recipes from me :)

In the meantime enjoy this recipe, which is perhaps more suitable for Easter than Christmas but that didn’t stop me from making it as it’s so delicious and simple at the same time. The recipe comes from a Polish cookbook (Kuchnia Polska) and it’s original name is Babka marmurkowa, which we can somewhat translate as marble cake.

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Ricotta Cheesecake

Cheesecake is my favourite among cakes. And I love it no matter the flavour; banana, pumpkin or classical. This one is especially great if you are after a light version of a cheesecake. The recipe calls for only half a cup of sugar yet it is still sweet. I found this beautiful recipe on Cooks Illustrated. Continue reading

Pumpkin Muffins

I must be boring you by now with all these pumpkin recipes but if you bear with me you will discover this one is a winner. Well at least for me it’s a winner since it’s a combination of pumpkin and muffins. The only thing better could be perhaps a pumpkin cheesecake but I’ll leave that one for next year. I think I’m reaching a pumpkin limit by now.I found this gem on acozykitchen blog. Recipe called for canned pumpkin but I decided to use fresh pumpkin and roast it. Continue reading

Victoria Sandwich

I’m certainly not a lot of a baker but occassionally I have to prepare something sweet. Not that I don’t like sweets, on the contrary. Though I prefer indulging in the eating process rather than making. This one took me a while to make and it was a trial and error path. One good tip: if the recipe calls for free-range eggs, use free-range eggs. Other than that you have to follow the standard guidelines for making such cake, i.e. don’t over mix it and don’t open that oven until the cake is done. Also make sure you take all the necessary ingredients out from the fridge beforehand and let them reach room temperature. Once the cake is done it needs to cool gradually. This is a recipe from Mary Berry. Though I totally decided to treat myself by adding mascarpone cream into my sandwich. If you like exaggeratingly sweet version go for it, if not – just the jam filling will do great.

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