Tinga de pollo

This recipe comes from chocorroldevainilla blog and I found it quite delicious. The tortillas in the photo are home made and also according to a recipe found on Luba’s blog :) You can serve it on its own or along with your favourite veggies. Here I decided to go with corn, salad and tomato. For the sauce I added more tomatoes than the original recipe required (6 medium tomatoes) and therefore I cooked it a bit longer to reduce the juices and make a thick sauce. In total it took me around 20 minutes to cook it down but in the end the cooking time will depend on the amount and size of your tomatoes. Thanks for the recipe Luba! Continue reading


Ayran is a perfect drink for summer. Refreshing and delicious. Once you try it, it will accompany all your summer dinners. It’s a very simple drink made of water, yogurt and salt. Sounds simple though the devil is in the details :) Ratio for water and yogurt is usually 1:1, although if you want to get even more liquid consistency you can do 2:1. It’s great if you can use dry yogurt for this purpose since it will certainly influence the thickness of ayran. Natural yogurt that we normally buy is already quite liquid so I wouldn’t do 2:1 ration with such. You can try it though if you have dry yogurt. Since we drink ayran quite often I try to buy 1.5% fat yogurt. Continue reading

Ezme Salata

This dish made me reconsider the value of an onion. It’s a great companion to fish as well as red meat. Thanks to all the parsley you will not turn into an onion breathing dragon, what’s more mint makes it pretty light and refreshing. If you are confident with your knife skills you can chop all the ingredients of the salad very finely, almost into a mash. If you think it’s too much to bother just use a food processor. Make sure though not to end up with an onion smoothie. You really want to puls it all up to 8-10 times in total. There will be a fair amount of juice coming from the tomato and lemon, just enough though to flavour the salad an not turn it into a soup. Continue reading

Cucumber-tomato-onion Raita

There’s a reason why I didn’t bother with a nicer presentation of this dish in the bowls. This is just so good there’s no time to arrange it or take multiple photos, you just want to eat it immediately! I tasted this type of raita around two years ago in Masala Restaurant in Prague and I absolutely fell in love with it. It was not a side dish for me, it was the star of the whole meal.  Not only the flavour combination was surprisingly tasty but also its soothing effect when eating spicy biryani won me over completely. And perhaps that’s how it works best, in combination with extremely spicy dishes. This raita, biryani of your choice and garlic naan together make a perfect meal. Unfortunately I moved out of Prague and started to miss Masala’s special raita. I decide to recreate it basing on what I remembered. Results totally knocked me over. After experimenting a bit I perfected the ratio of ingredients. Behold the perfect raita! Continue reading

Basic Scrambled Eggs

This is a very simple taste combination but perfect for a weekend, filling breakfast. The important thing while frying is not to do it on full blaze. If we take our time we will end up with beautifully soft scrambled eggs on our plate. Nice thing about this dish is that it is so versatile and easy to prepare. This version is with chives but you can as well prepare it with mushrooms or sausage, tomato and feat cheese. You can do it the spice way with fresh chopped chili peppers. Possibilities are endless but since spring is in full bloom this is the scrambled eggs version of the season! Continue reading

Coconut Cookie Army

I had quite a successful baking time this Christmas. I tried out two, new for me, types of cookies and loved both of them. This is the first one and it’s modified from Martha Stewart’s recipe. Preparing these cookies is just so easy and fast. They are very light and fluffy and yummy! Next recipe to come will be after New Year. But I will write then about the best gingerbread ever and anise cookies! So in the meantime enjoy these coconut cookies and hope you all have a delicious 2012! :) Continue reading

Marble Cake

As you might have noticed the blog came to a standstill. This is only temporary and was a result of some technical issues (i.e. laptop failure). Having said that another break is ahead of us as Christmas and New Year approach. Hopefully 2012 will start with loads of new recipes from me :)

In the meantime enjoy this recipe, which is perhaps more suitable for Easter than Christmas but that didn’t stop me from making it as it’s so delicious and simple at the same time. The recipe comes from a Polish cookbook (Kuchnia Polska) and it’s original name is Babka marmurkowa, which we can somewhat translate as marble cake.

Continue reading

Marinara Sauce

This is just a basic tomato sauce that you can use for anything you want really. It can be a spaghetti sauce and that’s how I used it this time. I put cooked spaghetti into my sauce and mixed well so all the spaghetti strings got covered in this beautiful red sauce. I topped it with green olives and parmesan. Or you can use it to prepare chicken parmesan. If you have some leftover sauce why not use it for eggs baked in marinara sauce. Possibilities are endless. Wine is optional, and not traditional to this recipe though I find it gives a very nice taste here. Found this great recipe here. Continue reading