Cucumber-tomato-onion Raita

There’s a reason why I didn’t bother with a nicer presentation of this dish in the bowls. This is just so good there’s no time to arrange it or take multiple photos, you just want to eat it immediately! I tasted this type of raita around two years ago in Masala Restaurant in Prague and I absolutely fell in love with it. It was not a side dish for me, it was the star of the whole meal.  Not only the flavour combination was surprisingly tasty but also its soothing effect when eating spicy biryani won me over completely. And perhaps that’s how it works best, in combination with extremely spicy dishes. This raita, biryani of your choice and garlic naan together make a perfect meal. Unfortunately I moved out of Prague and started to miss Masala’s special raita. I decide to recreate it basing on what I remembered. Results totally knocked me over. After experimenting a bit I perfected the ratio of ingredients. Behold the perfect raita! Continue reading


Cacık is similar to the Greek dish Tzatziki, differing mainly in consistency. Tzatziki is usually a bit thicker since you add a little bit of water to cacık to make it thinner. In the end in depends on the type of yogurt you are using. Mine was already fairly runny so I didn’t need to add water. Good thing about this dish is that you can adjust practically all the ingredients to match your taste. If you want extra garlicy taste you can just add one or two more cloves of garlic, or if you don’t – minimise the amount of garlic cloves to one. Mint works really great in this combination and although some recipes call for dried mint, if you have fresh use it, it will make such a difference. A splash of lemon or lime juice will just boost the freshness of mint. It’s a great yummy side-dish that works well with everything practically; veggie dishes, meat dishes, rice, bulgur etc. Continue reading