Ali Nazik

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A little bit time consuming but truly tasty dish. You cook the meat similarly to how you would prepare it for Tantuni. Continue reading



Tantuni is a yummy Turkish type of a wrap, usually with tender beef slices. This is a sort of variation on tantuni – sandwich style. The secret here is in the way you prepare the meat and also what sort of meat you pick for this way of cooking. I served it with a simple onion salad with sumak and parsley. Continue reading

Sififit – Bulgur Köftesi

These are yummy lamb koftes. I got this recipe from my mother-in-law although I add less koftelik bulgur. The portions of meat and bulgur should be 1:1 and then koftes are much more crunchy. Continue reading

Ezme Salata

This dish made me reconsider the value of an onion. It’s a great companion to fish as well as red meat. Thanks to all the parsley you will not turn into an onion breathing dragon, what’s more mint makes it pretty light and refreshing. If you are confident with your knife skills you can chop all the ingredients of the salad very finely, almost into a mash. If you think it’s too much to bother just use a food processor. Make sure though not to end up with an onion smoothie. You really want to puls it all up to 8-10 times in total. There will be a fair amount of juice coming from the tomato and lemon, just enough though to flavour the salad an not turn it into a soup. Continue reading


There is something about dumplings that makes me love them totally. And they do come in all shapes and sizes and flavours so you are bound to find a dumpling out there that you will love. Mine is a Polish dumpling with a soft dough made from potatoes and a cabbage and mushroom filling. That’s my ultimate dumpling but it’s not the one I’m making this time. I am attempting here to share a recipe for manti – possibly the smallest dumpling I have ever seen, although I’m sure no Turkish person would call it a dumpling, it’s just manti :) You can choose which shape you will do yourself, there are a couple of manti shapes, the smallest will be a square of 2 cm shaped into a triangle. I did a square of 4 cm and shaped it in a kind of bundle. I got this recipe from I love Turkish food, where it is also shown how to do a different manti shape. Since we are using raw meat here it is important to make the manti very small, that way the meat will cook. If you do bigger bundles it will require too much cooking time and eventually your manti can fall apart. Continue reading


Cacık is similar to the Greek dish Tzatziki, differing mainly in consistency. Tzatziki is usually a bit thicker since you add a little bit of water to cacık to make it thinner. In the end in depends on the type of yogurt you are using. Mine was already fairly runny so I didn’t need to add water. Good thing about this dish is that you can adjust practically all the ingredients to match your taste. If you want extra garlicy taste you can just add one or two more cloves of garlic, or if you don’t – minimise the amount of garlic cloves to one. Mint works really great in this combination and although some recipes call for dried mint, if you have fresh use it, it will make such a difference. A splash of lemon or lime juice will just boost the freshness of mint. It’s a great yummy side-dish that works well with everything practically; veggie dishes, meat dishes, rice, bulgur etc. Continue reading

İmam Bayıldı

I absolutely couldn’t miss out on this recipe considering how much I love eggplant. It looks like a very simple dish but you got all the right tastes going on. Sweet tomato with onion and soft, almost melting eggplant. You can’t go wrong with such combination. Perhaps you know this dish under direct translation: “the imam fainted”. The story goes that an imam fainted upon tasting this delicious dish. Either that or because of the costs of making it, i.e the amount of olive oil used for it. Whichever you choose to believe facts are this is a very yummy dish and if you follow this recipe (original found here) you don’t have to use up all your oil to make it. Continue reading

İçli köfte

The first time I made this dish was over a year ago and the recipe I used was completely different than this one. It was just some random recipe I found online and I have to say the effects were worlds apart as well. Since then I’ve learned how to do it much better thanks to my fiancé’s mom who shared the real recipe with me. It is very tasty but it takes a lot of time to prepare it. To make the job easier I break up the preparation process into two days. It is possible to do all in one day though. Continue reading