Ayran is a perfect drink for summer. Refreshing and delicious. Once you try it, it will accompany all your summer dinners. It’s a very simple drink made of water, yogurt and salt. Sounds simple though the devil is in the details :) Ratio for water and yogurt is usually 1:1, although if you want to get even more liquid consistency you can do 2:1. It’s great if you can use dry yogurt for this purpose since it will certainly influence the thickness of ayran. Natural yogurt that we normally buy is already quite liquid so I wouldn’t do 2:1 ration with such. You can try it though if you have dry yogurt. Since we drink ayran quite often I try to buy 1.5% fat yogurt. Continue reading

Tandoori Chicken Legs

Tandoori chicken is the thing that absolutely catches my eye. The gorgeous red just screams ‘eat me’. Unfortunately, this gorgeous red is mostly chemical and I’m not a fan of artificial dyes. Natural dyes failed to stick to my chicken most of the time though so after many attempts at making this dish red in the least chemical ways I now conclude it is not possible to the extend of achieving a restaurant effect. I’ve read that originally the colour red was due to cayenne pepper and that’s what you can use for your chicken. Also adding turmeric will make the dish a bit yellow. And that’s what I did with mine, appropriate spice mixture gave me some yellow-reddish effect. Apparently I didn’t use a lot of cayenne pepper as I’m not a fan of hot but you can add as much as you want. If you have at home some garam masala you can also add it to your tandoori chicken. Recipe inspired by this one. Continue reading

Chicken Biryani

Biryani is one of our favorite Indian meals (although some sources claim the dish to be Persian in origin) and it took me some time to master it. I think this is a fairly reasonable biryani recipe, at least closest to restaurant effect I could achieve by myself. Perhaps there are better ones out there or closer to the original taste but I am quite content with this one. What makes biryani different from tikka masala and curry is the cooking process. You are supposed to cook the chicken and rice together in layers. Continue reading


Cacık is similar to the Greek dish Tzatziki, differing mainly in consistency. Tzatziki is usually a bit thicker since you add a little bit of water to cacık to make it thinner. In the end in depends on the type of yogurt you are using. Mine was already fairly runny so I didn’t need to add water. Good thing about this dish is that you can adjust practically all the ingredients to match your taste. If you want extra garlicy taste you can just add one or two more cloves of garlic, or if you don’t – minimise the amount of garlic cloves to one. Mint works really great in this combination and although some recipes call for dried mint, if you have fresh use it, it will make such a difference. A splash of lemon or lime juice will just boost the freshness of mint. It’s a great yummy side-dish that works well with everything practically; veggie dishes, meat dishes, rice, bulgur etc. Continue reading

Eggplant Dip (Patlıcan Babaganuş)

And here we have another side-dish. For me it’s one of those things you do when you have extra free time and just feel like treating yourself to a restaurant experience at your own dinner table. Eggplant is one of my favourite …erm plants (I’ll avoid the fruit/veggie controversy here)… but to my disappointment it doesn’t have any useful nutritional values. It does seem to contain a high amount of nicotine though…Recipe modified from this one.

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